Pencil Baubles 2015 Collection

37 Pencils

I should probably have started with turning a few shapes on a solid lump of easy-to-work wood, but no. The idea was in my head, so it had to come out, and this is what came of it. Having set up the lathe in a decent position at long last, I decided to make some Christmas baubles… out of colouring pencils!

Madness you might think. But no, insanity I tell you.

That was back in 2014. In 2015, after someadjustments to the method, I made a few more that went down to the shop (Homemade Wales) for the Christmas season. Sold out within a week!

37 Glued Pencils - Before & AfterSo in a nutshell, the first job was to glue up some logs of pencils. 37 of them to be precise.

And then it was just a case of bunging the ‘logs’ on the lathe and turning them down into something that I quite like to consider as rather marvellous.

I say “just”. It’s somewhat more involved, delicate, and sometimes hazardous than “just”.

Please do go and view this on my YouTube Channel too, so the numbers can go up nicely 🙂

So here are a few finished items…

Christmas Pencil Baubles
Baubles #1 and #2.
The First Pencil Bauble
The very fist bauble turned. No finish applied.
Christmas Bauble made from coloured pencils
The third bauble turned; varnished, ribboned and hung on the tree.
Bobbin Style Pencil Bauble
From the 2015 Collection; bobbin style, and ready for the shop.
Ball Style Pencil Baubles
From the 2015 Collection; little balloons
2015 Pencil Bauble Collection
The 2015 Collection















New thoughts now for the 2016 Collection…