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Have Your Cake & Eat It

They say you can’t.

I don’t know who They are, so I’m ignoring them.

I say you can!

A little idea I had a while ago and have now, quite literally, hammered it into reality. No idea if people will want them, but hey, I had fun with a hammer πŸ™‚

Hand Stamped Spoon & Fork - Have Your Cake & Eat It

These two sets are now available at Homemade Wales, let’s see how they go and perhaps I’ll go on the hunt for more spoon/fork combos.

Forks for Cakes

Cake fork, pastry fork, call it what you will. Norman, if you like. Either way, it’s a small fork with a wider tine for slicing through your cake. Or pastry (but not Norman).

Regardless of nomenclature, these lovely forks are the latest addition to the range of hand stamped vintage cutlery presently available via Homemade Wales.

Each one is different on account of being stamped by hand, and the style of fork/handle (insert Two Ronniess quirk here) varies according to the stock available.

Simple, but I like to think quite jolly.