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And So That Was Christmas

Here we go with another brand spanking new year, and things are off to rolling start. I say “rolling”… there was perhaps a little too much ingestion to avoid a hint of rotundity, so that’s how it feels to be moving about the place as I write; more like rolling.

And so January begins, and the workshop’s a bit full of… stuff, at the moment. Had to clear some fitness gear from the south wing – along with some craft boxes and a load of furniture that was cleared from one of the bedrooms just before Christmas – to make room for one of the Christmas trees (we have two; sounds a bit posh but… nah). So now there’s a clearance job needs doing before anything can be done out there, and the first job when it’s cleared is to give it the revamp I’ve been promising it for a while. And then… lot’s of exciting projects to crack on with. So…

Onward we go, and you too I hope. Happy New Year! Have a very sweet ’16!