A Touch of Class

Thought it was time to go a bit ‘high end’… So here’s my ebony and brass pen.

Ebony & Brass Pen

I seem to keep fiddling about with the idea of ‘segmented turning’, i.e. mixing wood types to create patterns, but the idea of mixing materials keeps nagging too. So laying brass through wood seemed like a good idea, and – heck – why not go for one of the hardest woods around. In for a pound an’ all that. I reckoned the contrast might be quite nice.

Must say I’m right pleased with the result. NEXT!

The Lime and the Coconu…

Sorry. No coconuts. And no singing.

The latest in candlesticks/tealight holders are emerging from the workshop though. A marriage of lime and meranti woods creating a nice contrast and a curvaceously tactile shape, these are a joy to make.

Two Tone Candlesticks

A couple of these have now hit the shelves at Homemade Wales and more will follow shortly.