Welcome To The Shed…

…where home-baked crafts emerge from under the wistful guard of at least one sleeping dog. Shhhh…

Who’s Sleeping Dog then?
Well the dog is Monty; daft but very large and protective labradoodle; likes a biscuit. His human is Frank E Haschka; professional magician & maker of things, amateur photographer, proficient rocket scientist, useless brain surgeon. Also likes a biscuit.

Sleeping Dog is very proud to be a supplier to Homemade Wales, a small but rather delectable shop here in south Wales that sells quality homewares (and more) that are pretty much all – you guessed it – made in Wales.

We (that’s me, Frank, and Monty at my feet) create all sorts of things and thought it was about time to share a few of them. So here you’ll find all manner of makings, from photographs to sideboards, giant deckchairs and – for the magical fraternity – ‘things of interest’… There might even be some creative wordage going on from time to time. Who knows? Have a wander around; see what you can find. All friendly folk are most welcome.

In the meantime… here, take a break and enjoy this soothing tree. No reason, just chill.


Welcome to the workshop